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The Journey of Paper&Clouds

I love learning and diving into new things.

And that’s exactly why I’m here today, writing my first article in this new space that I called Paper&Clouds.

Paper because it is a neutral, white, delicate material, the surface on which I normally write all my ideas and thoughts. Clouds, because I would like this virtual space to become dancing, dynamic, able to reach you and travel in an unpredictable way.

In this section of the website I will publish articles to keep you informed about my future projects, but not only. I have opened this space to possibly offer an opportunity for dialogue with a new community of which everyone can be a member.

Therefore, I would like to dive into telling you about each of the passions that have become my professions, because I want to explain why each one is incredibly valuable to me. I will speak in detail about the topic of Multipotentiality, hoping to offer you a new and stimulating point of view.

In the next articles, I will write about my travels, I will share my notes on the creative process that makes a new project evolve… aiming to slowly realize a digital collection of stories and ideas without any creative limits.

Above all, I would like to break down the biggest wall that has hindered me from starting this project with 100% confidence up: the Fear.

A difficult emotion that is common to all of us, a strong force that it can physically block us and at times, forces us to stay where we are because yeah, it surely wants to protect us, but often it becomes so a strong self-defence mechanism that prevents us to embark on a new and unknown path. 

Up until now I have had a big fear of judgment. I was afraid of not being ready to do this project, not quite able to start this website, with the risk of coming up with a mediocre result. Even now this feeling is not completely disappeared. We all know these fears.

But now I have decided to take the risk, take the challenge, accept the unknown. In the end I thought: If I don’t start, I’ll never know what it feels like, and above all I’ll never know how to improve!

I am confident that with a constant writing practice, your feedbacks and new streams of inspiration we will gain more and more learning, joy and courage into this new journey together.

I’ve always needed a private writing space in my life to feel free to express myself, and up until now my journals have played this role efficiently. But recently I needed a big change in my journaling experience: I wanted a new shared space to communicate, discuss, learn, and here we are for this new beginning in the Paper&Clouds section page.

I hope this space will become our little corner of comfort, courage, sharing and creation.

Many incredible things could begin despite a sense of fear, but to start a journey, we don’t need to destroy that feeling or deny it. It only takes one step forward, one small step every day. The smallest step will be enough to feel an improvement, to take more courage and make big changes in the long-term.


In conclusion, I would like to share with you a new video art that I made for this occasion. 


Linked to the theme of travel, in the past I had already experienced a similar video format with the work “Reise in die Fantasie” (The journey into fantasy) that you can find HERE. This kind of video contains two big passions of mine: Dance and Videomaking. You will find lines, shadows, color changes, dynamism, abstraction, feeling and above all a great sense of movement. The most important element that any art form must have, that represents life and change in the most direct and human way I know. I can’t wait to explore further the hybrid art of Screendance, experimenting new artistic expressions and sharing them with you.

Enjoy the video! If you want, leave a comment below and I will be glad to get in touch with you.




Article Photo: Dayeon Yeo 

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