Experiment. Dance. Improvise. Interact.

I performed in A(trial) creating a visual and sound interaction with the audience. At the beginning, we prepared a word list, all starting with A! We picked up our main theme randomly, and the word ABRASIVE came out. Each word had its own music playlist and the audience made sounds through the art installations. The theme of the scenography also started with A: the main theme was Alltag, which stands for “Everyday Life”.


Premiere: 11.05.2019 HfBK Dresden, Senatsaal

Co-Production: Francesca Mommo, Dayeon Yeo

Performer: Francesca Mommo

Art Director: Dayeon Yeo

Set Design: Karen Kamiya, Jinyoung Lim, Ridia Kang, Yunsun Na

Photography: Yoonyoung Bae

Painting: Yesul Lee

Financial Support: Dayeon Yeo 


A(TRIAL), 2019