Photo: Gaetano Pastore

Cosmic colors

For my Bachelor thesis project, I created a solo choreography that is inspired by Carlos Cruz-Diez’s Chromosaturations, artificial chromatic rooms in which there is a true expression of color-event, that is, not a static color imprinted on canvas but variable, dynamic and vibrant action in the space. An unusual perceptual experience of color is reproduced and each room is uniformly illuminated by a color from the additive primary model (green, red and blue). The rooms are virtually represented by three beams of light projected onto the stage, in which the performer accesses and progressively changes the level of movement. To highlight the transition from one room to another, the intermediate chromatic nuances of the three colors will be present, given by the additive mixture that is constantly created in the space. The intent is to create and transmit images related to the psyche and not to everyday reality, so that the viewer can eventually identify with this sensory experience and capture the emotions of the interpreter who moves in each color room.


Thesis title: “Il dinamismo cromatico nel teatro di Achille Ricciardi”

Final result: 110/110 with honors.

Light: Stefano Pirandello

Dance, Choreography and Video projections: Francesca Mommo

Bachelor’s Degree Project for the final graduation at the National Dance Academy. 

Premiere: 2017, Teatro Ruskaja, National Dance Academy in Rome (Italy).

The solo performance was presented again for other events in 2017 and 2018.