Hommage an Jean Cébron

A long period of isolation, in-depth study, rediscovery and sharing.
During the first Corona-Lockdown we had the opportunity to excavate and unearth a heritage of dance history, a conception of dance and art that deserves to be known and disseminated in the cultural and educational sphere. During this period, for each Étude created by Master Jean Cébron, we made several video recordings in which we analysed together the principles of the movement.

For a rapid dissemination of the historical material collected, as a result of the funded project we have created a video trailer containing excerpts from all the studies (Études) of Master Jean Cébron. The full video “Hommage to Jean Cébron”, was recorded in 2020 and shown to students in 2021.


Dancers: Francesca Mommo, Olimpia Scardi

Videoediting: Francesca Mommo

Music: Joachim Bärenz


This research project was supported by the Pegasus Theaterschule Dresden.

It was funded by a Scholarship of the Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen within the framework of the program “Denkzeit for the financial year 2020.

Watch the Trailer