Le boeuf sur le toit

The ballet piece of Le boeuf sur le toit (“Ox on the roof”) with the music by Milhaud, was re-created with my personal trademark choreography for the ensemble of the CPP/ MIBACT of the AID (Associazione Italiana Danzatori). Born as a ballet in 1919/20 with a libretto by Jean Cocteau, Milhaud’s score features energetic and rhythmic themes, with bi-tonal harmony that follows the principles of the Les Six, of which Milhaud was the predominant figure. My choreographic version follows Cocteau’s scenario with further studies carried on the original material of the show: a research from the translation of the libretto to the contemporary photographs and the drawings of the set designer Raoul Dufy. A series of bizarre events will offer to the eight performers opportunities to connect and interact. Chaos and coordination are always the balance of our life, dance, art and life society.


Choreography: Francesca Mommo

Masks realization: Flavia Berardi

Dancers: Ensemble of CPP/ MIBACT of AID, in collaboration with the Molinari Art Center

Production: 43° Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte
Premiere: July 25, 2018 – Piazza Grande (Montepulciano, SI)
Director: M° Roland Böer
RNCM Symphony of Manchester
Artistic coordination: Azzurra di Meco