MikroMakroDresden – Ein Tanzfilm für jede*n Dresdner*in

A diverse group of people with no previous dance experience interpreted the theme of closeness and body distance led by three choreographers on the original music composed by Alberto Arroyo. Inspired by the choirs of the expressive dance movement, which historically had their roots in Dresden, the dance film shows how dance contributes to a sense of community and togetherness in society.


Concept and Direction: Elena Cencetti
Choreography: Elena Cencetti, Francesca Mommo, Olimpia Scardi
Video Direction: Francesca Mommo, Maks Pallas, Javier Sobremazas
Music: Alberto Arroyo
Video Editing: Francesca Mommo
Drone: Felix Allerdt


The dance film Mikromakrodresden was created for the campaign “Places of Togetherness 2019” and sponsored by the Kulturhauptstadtbüro for the Dresden Application to the new European Capital of Culture in 2025. 

Orte des Miteinanders, 2019 - Mikromakrodresden

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