O(L)TRE, I Venti

Where does the wind that doesn’t blow hide? Is it to be found in the wineskin of Aeolus?
Inspired by the Odyssey epic poem, this choreographic research was based on the universal concept of
“journey”. Sound and colors interact with the dancers in an unusual space, where fragments of the so-called carta-velo (made by Alfonso Filieri) move in multiple directions.


Premiere: 22.12.2019
Place: MACRO Asilo Museum in Rome, Italy
Dancers: Nastassja Rottoli, Giuseppe Cardaci, Martina Cariello, Giorgia Vadalà, Alba Metushi, Davide Navisse, Giorgia Della Valle, Annalisa Mingioni, Marta Di Matteo.
Scenography & Photos: Alfonso Filieri
Artistic Direction and Choreography: Francesca Mommo


A dance residency organised in collaboration with MACRO Asilo Museum and the jazz laboratory group of the University of Rome Tor Vergata for the live music intervention, directed by Danilo Bughetti.


MACRO ASILO O(L)TRE, I Venti. 2020