Unruhe – Sommerabend der polnischen Poesie und Musik.

A summer evening of Polish poetry and music. A performance. In a laboratory of history, literature, and theatre, young Poles and Saxons faced the fates of Polish forced laborers and prisoners in the former Nazi prison, now the Münchner Platz Memorial in Dresden. Poems by Polish authors such as Tadeusz Różewicza and Kamil Baczynski, which are strongly influenced by the experiences of the Second World War, were also a topic of the meeting. Framed by the music of Polish composer Mieczysław Weinberg, played by cellist Friederike Seeßelberg, an experimental, transnational performance emerged after seven days of Workshop.


Artistic and pedagogical theatre direction: Olek Konrad Witt, Francesca Mommo

Assistant director: Cilly Zimmermann

Photos: Maciej Dura-Pomarański

Premiere: 27.08.2021 – Pegasus Theaterschule Dresden

Duration: 50 min.


A production of the Deutsch-Polnisches Gesellschaft Sachsen, sponsored by the Landeshauptstadt Dresden and the Deutsch-Polnisches Jugendwerk, supported by the Polnisches Institut Leipzig.


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Unruhe – Sommerabend der polnischen Poesie und Musik. 2021