Voce, solleva il mare

With the first inspiration from Shakespeare’s work The Tempest, I created a dance Solo about Ariel’s spirit, floating with her paper veil skin in the air. This choreography was inspired by the character of Ariel, a spirit with a kind and compassionate character who remains faithful to the magician Prospero despite his state of mind of perpetual impatience. I tried to highlight the deep empathy of Ariel, a characteristic that generously extends and shines through every block, abandonment and dissatisfaction he experienced. Each movement aims to emphasize the character, industrious and authentic, of a character who wants to give voice to his desires. He seeks freedom but does not grasp it with force and arrogance, rather he waits patiently for it, despite the passage of time and the adversities that have always trapped him. In the first scene, the character bitterly recalls the long time he lived as a prisoner in the trunk of a pine tree. In the central part he expresses his state of inner conflict, between his willingness to trust Prospero’s promise and his unstoppable sense of dissatisfaction. The last part shows the most genuine side of his being: a fresh positivity, which allows him to move and play in nature with joy, prey to feelings of deep gratitude for having obtained the freedom he so longed for.


Premiere: 2018, Hendrik Christian Andersen Museum in Rome (Italy)    

Dance, choreography: Francesca Mommo
Scene elements: Alfonso Filieri
Costume: Antonia Rifici

The event “Carte leggendarie. I libri d’artista di Alfonso Filieri e Nelio Sonego.” was sponsored by Polo Museale del Lazio.

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