DBfT-Seminar: Jean Cébron – Method & Etudes

The main goal of this seminar was to transmit a first knowledge of Jean Cébron’s Method to the participants, with methodical and choreographic suggestions of work in the area of modern/contemporary dance. 


The origins of the heritage of Jean Cébron (1927 – 2019) are based on his education in Classical Dance (Margaret Kraske), as well as his study of the Sigurd Leeder‘s School. He worked as a dancer in the Folkwang Ballet under Kurt Jooss, dancing the role of “Death” in “The Green Table”; as a choreographer, he worked in collaboration with Pina Bausch. He also worked as a choreographer with the José Limon Company in New York, as well as in various centers of modern dance worldwide. He finally systematized the movement material of Sigurd Leeder in his methodology and through his Études

Olimpia Scardi was a long-time collaborator of Jean Cébron. She has dedicated herself, together with Francesca Mommo Jean Cébron’s legacy in order to promote his conception of dance and art in the cultural and educational environment. 


The seminar was held by Francesca Mommo & Olimpia Scardi.

When: 13.03.2022 and 20.03.2022


Twelve hours of professional practice for the further education of each participant were officially recognized.    

The event was organised by the Berufsverband für Tanzpädagogik e.V. and was kindly supported by the Pegasus Theaterschule Dresden.